If a member’s broker-dealer requires email journaling, we have an option for that. We simply require a journaling address for us to BCC all emails sent from members of that broker-dealer. Please ask your broker-dealer to provide you with the preferred BCC email address. This setting is administered by Snappy Kraken, and it is not changeable by individual members.

We have a failover process for journaling BCCs, which includes limited retry as well as EML file storage in an archive. A CSV file of email counts and BCC counts can be emailed daily to the broker-dealer if requested.

Best Practice: BCC to an email address that is used exclusively for the purpose of journaling.

If You Use Your Own Email Address for BCC: When you set up BCC Journaling on Snappy Kraken, the email address you provide will be sent every single email you send on the platform, meaning your personal email inbox could be flooded with thousands of emails on a regular basis.

Setting Up an Inbox Rule

In order to prevent your email inbox from being flooded with thousands of emails, we recommend setting up Rules for your email inbox that will filter out all of these archived emails from your normal inbox.

Information on setting up these Rules for Outlook: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/manage-email-messages-by-using-rules-c24f5dea-9465-4df4-ad17-a50704d66c59

Information on setting up these Rules for Gmail: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6579?hl=en

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