Learning the best way to manage your groups and contacts in your account is very important, and a great way to do so is to utilize the Missing Contacts feature to subscribe new group members to running campaigns.

Important: Make sure all of your contacts are placed into an appropriate Group.

Once your contacts are added to a Group, you can Subscribe the newly added members to an already launched and running campaign, which sends Email 1 of the series within the hour that they are subscribed.

Go to My Content > My Campaigns and use the search bar to find the campaign to which you want to subscribe the new group members.

Some campaigns you will probably subscribe additional contacts to frequently are the 8-Week New Prospect Nurturing Campaign and the 90-Day New Client Onboarding Campaign. It depends on if this is a new prospect at the top of the funnel or if you have recently converted a prospect to a client.

Click the Manage Groups action button for the desired campaign.

You will now see a list of all your established groups with a button to the left of the

group if it has already been subscribed.

Notice the column to the right called Missing Contacts.

If new contacts have been added to the subscribed group, you can easily subscribe

them by pressing the plus sign button next to the total number of missing contacts.

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