Enter your custom text into the message box when setting up your messaging campaigns. 

When you create a new message, a text field will automatically be inserted for you where you can insert your message. 

Click inside the text field to begin typing your new message.

You’ll notice in the bottom right corner of the message box we have a few settings:

From left to right:

‘Saved Messages’ is a favorite here at MSGHero. It allows you to easily create and store messages for using messages multiple times across different parts of your Messenger bot.

So instead of having to manually type the same message for different parts of your bot, you can simply create it once and insert it anytime with one-click!

You can add delays between text fields and send multiple instances of messages with small delays.

For example, you can set up a message to be structured like this:

Message #1

Hey, thanks for messaging us!

[Delay - 2 Seconds]

Message #2

Would you like to hear about our latest technology here at MSGHero?

[Delay - 3 Seconds]

Message #3

Click the button below and let us know :)

These messages will send consecutively without any action required from the person you're interacting with.

In order to set this up, just click "Delay" in the message settings in the left column. This will allow you to set up a delay.

Next, click on "Text" again.

It will automatically insert another text field for you. This can be repeated over and over as shown below.

Here's how it looks inside of the message editor:

As you can see, it divides an otherwise larger message into 3 smaller ones and simulates real typing if you click the "Show "typing..." during delay" switch :)

Have any questions? Feel free to click the orange circle widget in the bottom right corner :)

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