Before we begin with the how-to, let's discuss what cards are.

Here is a screenshot of a card sent inside of a Facebook messenger message.

(The above screenshot is not a real campaign, it's shown purely to serve as a visual example of how a card looks inside of the Facebook messenger).

A card allows you to insert the following on what is referred to as a "Card" inside the Facebook messenger (it's called a card because it somewhat looks like a card). 

It allows you to add the following elements to it:

  • Image
  • Headline
  • Description
  • Buttons (3 maximum as per usual)

So instead of adding an image and buttons into a message separately, a card allows you to combine all these elements into one message along with a headline and description!

These buttons inside the card work just like other buttons. We can set up follow-up responses to be triggered everyone someone clicks a specific button or we can link a button to our website or any landing page.

For more information on how buttons work, we have a very very detailed walkthrough in the "How to Insert Buttons into Your Messages" article.

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