There are several ways for a prospect, Facebook page fan or a customer to become a Messenger subscriber of your Facebook page(s).

Please note: a Messenger subscriber is only generated from the instances I am about to mention AFTER you have integrated MSGHero to your Facebook page. Any communication prior to installing MSGHero will not result in Messenger subscribers.

  • Message Your Facebook Page
  • Comment Response Campaigns
  • Button Widget
  • Reference URLs
  • Customer Chat Widget
  • Messenger Ads

- Message Your Facebook Page

When anyone messages your Facebook page, they immediately become a Messenger subscriber of the respective Facebook page. An example of this would be someone going to your page on Facebook and clicking the "Message" button.

Not sure how to enable messaging on your Facebook page? Click here to see how to enable it. 

- Comment Response Campaigns

With MSGHero, as you know, you can set up a custom message to be sent to ANYONE who comments on ANY of your Facebook posts and Facebook ads.

The person you send a message to (who commented on your post or ad) will only become a Messenger subscriber if they respond to your comment response message.

Here's a timeline to explain this clearly:

Comment  -> Our Message is Sent -> They Respond to Our Message (This is where they become a Messenger subscriber).

The best advice here is to please include a call to action in your comment message. They need to respond in order to be triggered as messenger lead/subscriber. So in your first message to them from their comment, ask them to reply with something specific or ask them a question. 

When they respond, they will become a Messenger subscriber of that Facebook page.

- Button Widget

This depends on your type of button. There are two types:

  1. Checkbox Plugin
  2. Send to Messenger

Checkbox Plugin

If you select the "Checkbox Plugin" criteria for your button, then the subscriber is only generated when they respond to your initial message.

Here's a timeline to explain this clearly:

Checkbox is selected by the prospect  -> Our Message is Sent -> They Respond to Our Message (This is where they become a Messenger subscriber).

Our advice here would be the same as with the comment response campaigns. Ask the a question or include a call-to-action so that they respond to our initial message. 

Send to Messenger

If you select the "Send to Messenger" button type, the prospect immediately becomes a Messenger subscriber when they click the button and accept the required permissions.

- Reference URLs

When a user clicks your reference URL, they will be redirected to your Facebook page's Messenger and if this is the first time they are messaging your page, they will be shown a "Get Started" button. When they click "Get Started" they will be sent your Reference URL message. This is only necessary for new conversations. If the person clicking your Reference URL has messaged your page before, they'll simply receive the message. 

Anytime they message your page after clicking the Reference URL, they become a Messenger subscriber of your Facebook page.

- Customer Chat Widget

A customer chat widget is a little widget in the bottom right corner of your website which allows you to interact with visitors on your website with the same interactive, media-rich experience they get inside Messenger.

Anyone who messages you through the customer chat widget on your website is added as a Messenger subscriber of your Facebook page.

- Messenger Ads

Another way to generate messenger leads is to run "Messenger Ads". 

Messenger ads basically allow you to initiate a conversation with a prospect when they click one of your Facebook ads. As soon as they click your ad, a message of your choice will appear inside their main Facebook inbox. 

We offer a JSON Code builder to make the transition from your Messenger ad to your Messenger bot a seamless experience (and therefore makes growing your subscriber list 10x more powerful). 

From this point onwards, you can use MSGHero to set up automated responses using keyword triggers and more (for more information on keyword triggers and our funnel types please check out our messaging funnel tutorial).

As soon as they send us a message, they become a Messenger subscriber.

Not sure how to set up a messenger ad? 

Here are two Facebook resources with step by step instructions :)

Resource #1
Resource #2


Have any questions about generating Messenger subscribers? Click the orange chat widget in the bottom right corner and one of our heroic support agents will be able to help you out :)

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