A broadcast is when you send all of your Messenger Subscribers or a segment of your subscribers a customized message that lands right inside of their Facebook inbox (just as if a friend was messaging them).

The best way to explain this would be to compare it to sending an email to your email list from inside of your email auto-responder.

You're able to send out a custom Facebook message to all of your (or selected) Messenger subscribers. 

In this article, we're going to cover how to set up a broadcast, as well as how to know who to send your broadcasts to. 

IMPORTANT: Before July 31st 2019, please be sure to submit for the 'subscription messaging' permissions from your Facebook page settings. This is a required step to send broadcasts after the date mentioned above. Click here to view our quick 2 minute guide on how to submit for these permissions.

How to Set Up a Broadcast

Click on "Engage" in the top navigation menu and select "Broadcast".

Click on "Add New Broadcast" (orange button in the top right corner).

Please note: Subscribers can cancel their subscription any time as per the Facebook guidelines by replying "UNSUBSCRIBE".

A pop-up will appear. Select the Facebook page you'd like to send a broadcast to (the Messenger Subscribers of that Facebook page).

Also, enter a name for your broadcast campaign (for personal reference).

If you would like to define who does and who does not receive your broadcast, you can segment your subscribers and who receives your broadcast by using all of our filters in the left column.

If you have segmented your Messenger subscribers by tags, you can select those tags from the "Inclusion Tags" and "Exclusion" tags fields in the left column.

This will filter out the Messenger subscribers without the assigned tags and those Messenger subscribers will not receive the broadcast. Only the messenger leads with the tags assigned will receive the broadcast. 

If you enter two inclusion tags and one exclusion tag, for example, MSGHero will know to exclude all subscribers with the exclusion tag from the two inclusion tag audiences (it will exclude the overlap).

You can also further segment who receives your broadcast by using the gender or "Time Series" drop-down. If you select a time series, only people who have gone through that specific time series will receive your broadcast.

Broadcast Criteria

There are two broadcast options as per Facebook's Terms of Service.

  • Promotional Content
  • No Promotional Content

Promotional Content
You can broadcast promotional content and ad content for your business/brand.
This type of broadcast can only be sent to subscribers who interacted with
you/your page inside of the messenger within the past 24 hours. 

If you send a broadcast to these messenger leads, it will automatically filter out the messenger leads who have not interacted with you/your page inside of the messenger within the past 24 hours.

This is to remain in alignment with Facebook's Terms of Service.

No Promotional Content (Normal Broadcast)
Your broadcast will be sent to all the subscribers of your selected page.

PLEASE NOTE: As per Facebook's terms of service promotional contents and
advertisements are not allowed for this type of broadcast.

If you broadcast a question to your "No Promotional Content" Messenger subscribers and they respond, they're triggered back into the 24 hour window and therefore can be promoted to again using the "Promotional Content" option.

Once you have chosen your selected criteria from what I have explained above, you are welcome to continue setting up your message to be sent. 

This message customization process works exactly the same as in all of the other MSGHero modules. 

Once you have created your customized message, you have two options.

You can choose to schedule the broadcast for a future time/date or you can choose to send it immediately (the time shown in the scheduler is your local time).

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