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Of course, your Messenger Subscribers do need to have the option to unsubscribe from your messages.

This can be done from their side, or from your side.

  • Option #1 - Subscribers can cancel their subscription any time as per the Facebook guidelines by replying "Unsubscribe" to any of your messages. Please note, for this option they need to manually type "Unsubscribe" as a response. Simply clicking an "Unsubscribe" button won't unsubscribe them from your bot. What we do is attach an "Unsubscribe" button to our broadcasts and if they click that button we then send them a message requesting that they confirm they want to unsubscribe by replying "Unsubscribe". 

Along with option #1, you have the ability to customize two things (under "Settings" -> "General"). 

  • Your message that is sent to your subscriber once they have unsubscribed (your confirmation message).
  • The keywords you want to use to trigger the unsubscribe action. The default "Unsubscribe" keyword cannot be edited, however you can add additional keywords to perform this action such as "Stop". 

  • Option #2 - You can click on a subscriber from the "Analytics" page ("Subscriptions" table) and click on "Unsubscribe?" as shown in the screenshot below.

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