One of our most popular requests here at MSGHero!


We get it, we want it too. We've been limited to Facebook's API though and until they release group support we're left with a really cool workaround.

Here's how the workaround works:

Here's a summary of the steps from the video

Step 1: Set up your Facebook page post.
Step 2: Create a MSGHero comment-response campaign on your post.
Step 3: Share your post to your Facebook group.
Step 4: Use a call to action in your shared post, something like "Click to comment..."
Step 5: Once shared, turn off commenting for the Facebook group shared post.

Whenever someone wants to comment on the shared post in your Facebook group, they'll click on it and it'll pop-up and they can comment on it. 

This will trigger a response from your MSGHero messenger bot :)

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