"Welcome Message" can be found by clicking on "Create" in the top navigation menu and then selecting "Welcome Message" from the menu drop-down.

(This is an optional feature, it is not required)

Setting up a welcome message will allow you to set a custom message to be sent to anyone who clicks the "Send Message" button on your Facebook page for the first time.

This message will only be sent if the person manually messages you directly from your Facebook page by clicking the "Send Message" button. Wondering how to enable messaging on your Facebook page? Click here to find out how.

When they click 'Send Message', the Messenger window will appear and they'll be greeted by what we call a "Greeting Message", which is a short message along with a 'Get Started' button.

Here's the sequence we need to create for a welcome message:

  • Greeting Message
  • Follow Up Message (Sent when they click the "Get Started" button)

Firstly, go to "Create" and select "Welcome Message". Click the "+ Add New Welcome" button in the top right corner.

A pop-up will appear as shown below. Select your Facebook page and enter a "Greeting Text". This is a short message limited to 160 characters in which you can introduce your business/brand and tell them to click the "Get Started" button.

Here is how it looks inside the actual Messenger window (see below):

  • The first red circle represents an example of a "Greeting Text"
  • The second red circle indicates the "Get Started" button (not customizable as per Facebook's guidelines). 

Click "Continue" after entering your "Greeting Message" in the pop-up and you'll be redirected to set up a customized message. 

This is the message that will be sent when they click "Get Started" and is just like a normal messaging funnel. 

Here's the one we have set up for MSGHero:

Set up your customized message as per usual and click on "Publish". 

Now, anytime someone clicks "Get Started" after messaging your Facebook page manually for the first time they will receive this message. 

There are multiple scenarios where you'd want a welcome message. For example:

  • Introduce yourself/your business/your brand
  • A general message to let them know you'll get back to them shortly
  • Get them to your website
  • etc etc.

Have any questions about setting up your welcome message? Feel free to reach out to our support using the orange chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page :)

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