A main menu (otherwise known as a 'persistent menu') is always available to the prospect that is interacting with you inside of Messenger.

Here is what it looks like inside of Messenger on Desktop (before we jump into the tutorial on how to create your very own main menu).

If the prospect, fan or customer you are interacting with inside of Messenger clicks the menu (three blue lines) indicated above, the 'Main Menu' will appear. 

Here is what it looks like inside of Messenger on Mobile (it's always visible).

This menu should serve as a tool to help your prospects navigate your business and services more effectively (and of course be a good user experience for your prospects).

Examples could be 

  • Customer Service 
  • Sending Them to Your Website
  • FAQ
  • Product Lines
  • Pricing
  • etc etc.

Below is an example of how a main menu looks when you click the 'three blue lines' (on Desktop). The source below is using the menu to help prospects find help if they need it, read their latest blog posts and to view their website.

Create Your Own Main Menu

In order to create your own main menu, click on "Create" in the top navigation menu and select "Main Menu".

(Please note: In order to set up a main menu, you will need to create a welcome message first).

Click the "+ Add New Main Menu" orange button in the top right corner.

A pop-up will appear. Please select your Facebook page you'd like to link the main menu to and click on "Continue".

You then have the option to create your menu. 

Click on "Add Menu" and when you click on the first menu option an "Edit Button" setting pop-up appears as shown below.

You're provided with 3 options for the menu button.

  • Reply with message (if they click the menu button, you can send them a message)
  • Open website (you can send them to any external URL if they click the menu button)
  • Open the sub-menu (if they click the menu button, it will open a sub-menu).

Reply with Message

This will simply trigger them into a message funnel. When they click the menu item, they will be sent a message that you customize.

Open Website

Also, very straight forward. It will send them to any external URL of your choice.

Open The Sub-Menu

This will open another sub-menu if selected.

Below is an example of how it looks inside the Messenger vs inside of MSGHero when creating it. 

On the left, you'll see the "Website" menu item was clicked and it opens the sub-menu which contains a sub-menu buttons "Go to Website", "Features", "Pricing" and "Comparison". These are all links to parts of our website.

Have any questions about the main menu? Feel free to reach out using the orange chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page :)

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