You can now clone/duplicate a Messenger bot messaging funnel!

There are two use-cases here:

  1. Clone it to a different MSGHero Account
  2. Clone it within your own account to a different Facebook page

I know a lot of our customers create courses around Messenger bots and they have asked for the ability to offer pre-made bot templates within MSGHero. This way, their customers can easily sign up and have the bots done for them.

This is now possible!

How it works

Once you've set up your messaging funnel inside of MSGHero, go to your messaging funnel dashboard.

Click on the "Share" icon as shown in the screenshot above. 

A pop-up will appear with a unique 'sharing' code. You simply need to click the "Copy" button and it will copy the code to your clipboard.

Now, anyone who inserts this unique sharing code into their messaging funnel setup field will receive this template!

Easy, right?

All you need to do is go to your messaging funnel dashboard, and click on the orange "Add New Funnel" button in the top right corner.

A pop-up will appear as it usually does, where you need to select the Facebook page for which you want to set up your messaging funnel (Messenger bot). 

Continue to name your messaging funnel and insert your trigger keyword (when this keyword is detected in a message to your Facebook page, the bot will trigger the messaging funnel).

Just below the keyword field, we've added a new field called "Shared Code (Optional)" as shown below:

This is where you or anyone who wants to claim your bot template can insert the shared code.

If you enter the shared code, and click on "Continue", MSGHero will automatically insert the Messenger bot template into this campaign for you.

(If you haven't seen our tutorial on setting up a messaging funnel, you can do that right now by clicking here).

So whether you set up a Messenger bot and want to duplicate it to all or just another one of your Facebook pages or if you'd like to create templates and share them with other MSGHero users (different MSGHero accounts, such as customers or clients of yours) - this is now possible using the shared code :)

Simply copy the code, and share it with anyone you like!

Please note, the cloning process duplicates what we refer to as a "hollow" template.

It copies over ALL messages, the content within those messages, buttons and messages linked to buttons. 

It doesn't copy over time series, tags, any tracking campaigns linked to your messages or any unattached messages (any messages not linked to a keyword or button).

Have any questions? Feel free to reach out by using the orange widget in the bottom right hand corner. We're here to help :)

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