Quick replies act in a similar way to buttons (well, they are buttons) inside Messenger. 

The main differences between quick reply buttons and normal buttons are:

  • You can set up to 11 quick reply buttons
  • You can use emoji's inside your quick reply button text
  • When clicked inside Messenger, they disappear. 

When Do You Use "Quick Reply" Buttons?

This is 100% up to you. You don't have to use them at all. However, they can be handy in certain cases where you want the buttons to disappear after one of them have been clicked, or if you want to include more than 3 buttons with a message (you can only attach 3 'normal' buttons to a message). 

You can also use quick reply buttons to collect information on subscribers using "Custom Fields". We have more information on this at the bottom of this article including a video.

How to Set Up a Quick Reply Button 

When you are creating a message, you'll see a "+ Quick Reply" option below your message field as shown in the screenshot below. 

When you click the "+ Quick Reply" button, you'll see a new button will appear where you can edit the title of the button and set what message you want the quick reply button to trigger. 

Please Note: You must select a message to be attached to your quick reply buttons or your messaging funnel will not publish.

As an optional action (not required), you can perform the following actions when a quick reply button is clicked inside Messenger.

  • Add/Remove a Tag
  • Add/Remove a Subscriber to/from a Time Series
  • Add/Remove a Custom Field 

When you're editing your quick reply button, you'll see the following optional (not required) actions as described above:

Here's a side by side comparison of what the quick replies look like inside of Messenger (left) versus when you are setting them up inside of MSGHero (right).

When a user clicks one of the quick reply buttons, it will trigger the message you attached to that quick reply button, and all the quick reply buttons will disappear from the Messenger chat log (they disappear when one is clicked). 

How to Collect Other Custom Information (Advanced Use Only)

If you want to collect email addresses, phone numbers and locations of Messenger subscribers, you can use our "user input" feature

However there are some instances where you'd perhaps want to collect other information. 

Let's assume you were a restaurant owner and you were creating a Messenger bot to not only generate Messenger subscribers to engage with (and turn into repeat customers), but to also collect information on their favourite foods. 

In this case, we use what is called "Custom Fields" in combination with our "Quick Reply" buttons. 

So let's assume we are creating a restaurant bot as I just mentioned above.

If you scroll up a bit, you'll remember I went through a list of optional (not required) actions you could attach to your quick reply buttons. 

So when you create a quick reply button, your button settings (as usual) appear in a pop-up to the right. If you go to the bottom of the settings pop-up you'll see the "Choose Action" drop-down menu under "Add Action (Optional). 

Here, you'll want to select "Add Custom Field". 

Next, click inside the "Custom Field" drop-down as shown below and select "Add New Custom Field". 

A pop-up will appear where you can set a "Custom Field Title". Remember, we are collecting information on our Messenger subscribers' favourite foods. So we'll appropriately name it "Favourite Food" ;) 

Click on "Add". 

Click on "Done" in the bottom right corner of the quick reply button settings pop-up as shown below.

When you add your next quick reply button, in the case below it's for "Burgers", you don't need to create the custom field because it's already there. You just need to select it from the drop-down.

You can create a long list of different potential replies from customers (up to 11 quick reply buttons). 

Let's just use 2 for the purpose of this example. 

Let's see how the above example looks inside of Messenger and how we can retrieve that information.


Have any questions about quick replies or need help with anything? Feel free to reach out to our friendly support by clicking the orange chat widget in the bottom right corner :) 

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