The "User Input" message feature allows you to collect information from your prospects who interact with you inside of Messenger. 

The most popular use of the "User Input" feature is to collect the following directly from a Messenger subscriber's Facebook profile without them having to type anything:

  • Their email address
  • Their phone number
  • Their location

Since these are the most popular use-cases of this feature, I'll cover them first. 

How to Collect Emails, Phone Numbers and Locations

When you are creating a message, you'll see a "User Input" option in the message item menu (on the left of the message field) as shown in the screenshot below. 

Click on the User Input menu item and it will appear at the bottom of your message thread and shown above. You'll see a "User Input" bubble below your message field (also shown above). This is just for your reference to let you know the user will be inserting information here. 

Once it is added, you'll need to click the gear icon next to "User Input" and that will bring up your user input settings. 

Select a "Reply Type" from the drop-down menu as shown below.

Here, you are choosing whether you want to collect the phone number, email or location of the person who is interacting with your business inside of Messenger. 

Let's assume you choose "Email" for the purpose of this article. 

Now that you've selected what you want to collect from the person you're interacting with, we need to write a message that is asking for this information.

In this case specifically, we are requesting their email address. As you can see below, I've inserted a message asking for their email address in order to contact them in the future (the beer-related news bit is because it is a beer lovers Facebook page). 

Next, we have to fill in the following fields and settings:

When Input is Invalid:
This is the response that will be automatically triggered if the user types something other than their email address (which is what we requested).

"Skip" Button Title:
A "skip" button will automatically be attached to the "When Input is Invalid" response. This will allow people to skip providing their information you are requesting. Please note, this will stop the flow of the messaging funnel completely. You could customize this button if you'd like. An example would be changing "Skip" to "Ignore". 

If you'd like the flow of the messages to continue without any interruptions regardless of whether they send their information or not, click the Continue flow after "Skip" switch.

Save Response:
Here, you are able to define a "label" for the information you are requesting. For example, in this case you are requesting their email address. So what we want to do here is create a "Custom Field" called "Email" or "Email Address". 

So click on the "Custom Field" drop-down menu and click on "+ Add New" if you haven't created one for email yet.

Insert your custom field title in the pop-up and click on "Add".

That's it! We're now set up to collect email addresses from people who interact with us inside of Messenger. 

Let's see how it looks inside of Messenger in the video below:

As you can see in the video, MSGHero automatically creates a "quick reply" button for the user's email address directly from their Facebook profile.

All they need to do to send us their email is click the quick reply button (no need to type anything).

The above process is exactly the same if you were collecting their phone numbers or locations. You just need to change the "Reply Type" and "Custom Field Title". 

New handy feature for the user input setting:

We now have a "Skip" checkbox when you set up a user input. If left unselected, the person you are interacting with is required to submit a valid email address/phone number (depending on which you are asking for with your user input) for the flow to continue. If they don't, the flow won't continue until they submit one (hence the asking for the email address/phone number a second time).

If you select the "Skip" checkbox, this makes the submission of a valid email/phone number optional (not required) and the flow will continue whether they submit an email/phone number or not.

How to Find the Information from User Input

Collecting information from people who interact with us inside of Messenger is amazing! So where do we collect this information? 

Option 1: Zapier Integration 

Using Zapier will allow you to automatically sync the information you've collected inside of your bot to just about any third-party platform (such as Google Sheets, your auto-responder, text app etc). 

Click here to learn how to integrate Zapier with MSGHero.

Option 2: Analytics inside of MSGHero

Simply go to "Analytics" once you are logged into MSGHero and select your Facebook page from the drop-down in the top right corner.

Scroll down to the "Subscribers" table and locate the subscriber. Click on the subscriber in the table and the following pop-up will appear with all the subscribers information.

As you can see at the very bottom, we have the "Custom Field" heading. Under that, remember we created a "Custom Field" title "Email" and next to it is the information we collected for that custom field title. In this case, it was the email address of the subscriber. 

Questions? :)

Have any questions about the "User Input" feature or need help with anything? Feel free to contact us.

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