Zapier lets you connect MSGHero to 1,000+ other web services. Automated connections called 'zaps' can help integrate MSGHero with any other platform with no coding. 

Sign up for a free Zapier account, from there you can jump right in. 

Note: Here is our tutorial on how to collect email addresses inside your Messenger bot and sync them to your email auto-responder service.

ACTION REQUIRED: If you had an existing zap prior to these changes, you'll need to set them up from scratch as new zaps.

Once you have logged into Zapier, click on the "Make a Zap" button in the top navigation menu.

Search for "MSGHero" app in the top middle search bar as shown below.

Click on "MSGHero" and then click the box from the search results.

You'll now be able to set a name for your Zap. 

Next, we'll select our trigger event.

The two available triggers are the following:

This is when a custom field (such as an email address or phone number) is collected through your Messenger bot. You'll be able to create a 'zap' that will trigger the custom field (such as the email address) to another selected Zapier app (such as your email list inside your auto-responder). 

  • New Subscriber

This is when a new user subscribes to your Facebook page's Messenger bot. Please note, this is only the default subscriber information we receive from Facebook such as their name, language, gender, Facebook user ID, "added on" timestamp, time zone and their page ID. Their email address is only triggered through the "New or Updated Custom Fields" trigger, not this one.

(Click here if you'd like to find out how to collect email addresses, locations and phone numbers of your subscribers)

Select one of the above triggers and click on the "Continue" button.

Next, you'll be asked to "Sign in to MSGHero".

A pop-up will appear where you'll need to enter your MSGHero username and password.

Click on the "Yes, Continue" button once you've entered the required fields. 

Click the "CONTINUE" button shown below.

Next, you'll see the screen below (it will depend on which trigger you selected - in this case I selected the "Custom Fields" trigger). 

You'll notice there are 4 required fields for you to select. 

  • Facebook Page (the one connected to your MSGHero Messenger bot)
  • Custom Field (the custom field you created inside of MSGHero that you are mapping your collected information to - such as 'Email'.)
  • Campaign Type (the campaign type inside of MSGHero)
  • Campaign List (your campaign name inside of MSGHero)

Once you've selected all the required information, click on "Continue".

Next you'll be given the option to test your connection. Click "Test & Continue".

Now we've connected MSGHero, it's time to connect an integration.

Note: If you are collecting emails inside your Messenger bot and want to sync them through to your email list - you will have to have an "Email" custom field set up inside MSGHero. 

For the purpose of this article, we'll go with "SendLane" (you can search for any of the 1,000+ platforms inside the search bar). 

Next, you select your action event (I want to create a new email subscriber inside SendLane when someone submits their email inside my MSGHero Messenger bot).

I select my SendLane account.

Click "Continue" once you have select your action.

Next, select the email list you want your email leads (collected inside your Messenger bot) to be synced to.

In the "Email Address" field, scroll down and locate "Custom Fields Email" as shown below. If you are collecting any other information other than an email address, the process is the same. Simply select the custom field you created inside of MSGHero.

All this does is map the collected information. We are collecting emails so we select the email custom field. If you were collected phone numbers, you'd create a phone number custom field inside of MSGHero and select it from this drop-down menu.

Click "Continue".

Next, you can test the connection or click "Skip Test".

By default, your zap will be turned off. Please remember to switch it on when you are ready.

That's it! :)

You've just created your first zap with MSGHero!


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