The 'General Response' campaign type will allow you to send a default message reply to prospects who message your Facebook page and don't trigger your bot. 

This message can serve as a way to let them know you've received their message and you'll get back to them shortly (or something along those lines).

A general response will be sent every time a person messages your Facebook page without one of your keyword triggers being matched. 

For example, if you have set up your messaging funnel keyword trigger as 'Hello', then every time someone messages your Facebook page with that keyword it will trigger that messaging funnel. 

Any time someone messages your Facebook page and their messages DON'T contain that keyword (or any of your other keyword triggers), your general response message will be sent. 

This is great for letting people know your office hours for example, or that you will be replying shortly.

How to Set Up a General Response Campaign

Once you've logged into MSGHero, hover-over 'Create' in the top navigation menu and click on 'General Response'.

Select a Facebook page that you'd like to set up the general response campaign for - and click on 'Continue'.

You'll be directed to the message builder and you can set up the message to be sent. 

Remember, this message is triggered every time a 'keyword' is not matched to one of your existing messaging funnels. 

Basically, every time your bot isn't triggered, this message will be sent. 

We do have a 'Limit' feature which will make sure this message is only sent to a user once in a 24 hour window. 

That's it!

Now you can make sure all messages are responded to immediately.


Have any questions about general responses? Feel free to reach out using the orange chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page :) 

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