When you broadcast messages outside of the 24-hour rolling window and those messages are non-promotional - then messaging tags are required. Message tags basically allow you to categorize your broadcasts so that Facebook knows the exact purpose of your broadcasts.

This makes it clearer for us as marketers as to what we can and cannot broadcast.

Please note that message tags are for sending non-promotional content only.

Using tags to send promotional content (ex: daily deals, coupons and discounts, or sale announcements) is against Messenger Platform policy.

Failure to comply message tags could result in you being kicked off of the Messenger platform. 

For more information directly from Facebook, please click through here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/send-messages/message-tags/

Message Tags Explained

Send non-promotional messages to help people manage the productivity of their businesses or related activities.

  • Notifications on services or products that a business has subscribed to or purchased from a service provider.
  • Reminders or alerts on upcoming invoices or service maintenance.
  • Reports on performance, metrics, or recommended actions for the business.

Notify the message recipient of emergency or utility alerts, or issue a safety check in your community.

  • Request a safety check.
  • Notify of an emergency or utility alerts.

Send the message recipient reminders of a scheduled event which a person is going to attend.

  • Upcoming classes or events that a person has signed up for.
  • Confirmation of attendance to an accepted event or appointment.

Send non-promotional messages under the News, Productivity, and Personal Trackers categories described in the Messenger Platform's subscription messaging policy. You can apply for access to use this tag under the Page Settings > Messenger Platform.

See Platform Policy Overview - Subscription Messaging.

Notify the message recipient that a pairing has been identified based on a prior request.

  • Match identified in dating app.
  • Parking spot available.

Notify the message recipient of an update on the status of their application.

  • Application is being reviewed.
  • Application has been approved.
  • Job application status.

Notify the message recipient of a change to their account settings.

  • Profile has changed.
  • Preferences are updated.
  • Settings have changed.
  • Membership has expired.
  • Password has changed.

Notify the message recipient of a payment update for an existing transaction.

  • Send a receipt.
  • Send an out-of-stock notification.
  • Notify an auction has ended.
  • Status on a payment transaction has changed.

Confirm a message recipient's financial activity.

  • Bill-pay reminders.
  • Scheduled payment reminder.
  • Payment receipt notification.
  • Funds transfer confirmation or update.
  • Other transactional activities in financial services.

Notify the message recipient of a change in shipping status for a product that has already been purchased.

  • Product is shipped.
  • Status changes to in-transit.
  • Product is delivered.
  • Shipment is delayed.

Notify the message recipient of updates to an existing reservation.

  • Itinerary changes.
  • Location changes.
  • Cancellation is confirmed.
  • Hotel booking is cancelled.
  • Car rental pick-up time changes.
  • Room upgrade is confirmed.

Notify the message recipient of an update to a customer service issue that was initiated in a Messenger conversation.

  • Issue is resolved.
  • Issue status is updated.
  • Issue requires a request for additional information.
  • Follow up on a customer inquiry or support ticket.

Notify the message recipient of a change to an existing appointment.

  • Appointment time changes.
  • Appointment location changes.
  • Appointment is cancelled.

Notify the message recipient of a change in in-game user progression, global events, or a live sporting event.

  • Player's in-game crops are ready to be collected.
  • Player's daily tournament is about to start.
  • Person's favorite soccer team is about to begin a match.

Notify the message recipient of updates to an existing transportation reservation.

  • Flight status changes.
  • Ride is canceled.
  • Trip is started.
  • Ferry has arrived.

Notify the message recipient of new features or functionality that become available in your bot.

  • Chat with a live agent is added to your bot
  • A new skill is added to your bot

Send the message recipient updates or reminders for an event for which a person already has a ticket.

  • Concert start time changes
  • Event location changes
  • Show is cancelled
  • A refund opportunity is made available


Have any questions about the supported messaging tags? Feel free to contact us.

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