When setting up your campaigns, you'll notice a "delay" field in two places.

  1. Comment-Response Campaigns
  2. Any Other Message Type

Comment-Response Campaigns

This allows you to set a delay between the time the person comments on your post and the time they receive your custom message.

Please note, this is in seconds. 

For example, if you wanted a 30 second delay time, you would insert "30" (without inverted commas).

Please note: The maximum delay time between each message is 60 seconds.

Any Other Message Type

When setting up any other message type (let us assume in the "messaging funnel" module), you will notice a "Delay" option in the message settings menu. This allows you to set a delay between different text fields.

Here's an example of this in action:

As you can see, you can divide an otherwise larger message into 3 smaller ones and simulate real typing if you click the "Show "typing..." during delay" switch :)

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