How to Add a Mad Mimi Integration

Connect your Mad Mimi account to start capturing email addresses for your newsletter campaign

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Step 1 - Click "settings" from the avatar dropdown at the top right corner of the screen, then click "Newsletters" from the right hand panel. Click "Connect Mad Mimi"

Don't have a Mad Mimi account yet? Go to to sign up.

Step 2 - Enter the email address associated with your Mad Mimi account, and your Mad Mimi API Secret Key.

To locate your API Secret Key, log into your Mad Mimi Account, then click the "API" Tab from the Settings & Billing section. Copy the Secret API key and paste it on integration pop-up on your Sociavore account.

How to Disconnect the Mad Mimi Account

Once connected, the email list name will appear under the "Connect Mail Mimi" button. Click the trash icon to disconnect the account.

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