Pecan Theme: Events [Page Section] Settings

Learn how to customize Pecan theme-specific features of the Events "section block"

Updated over a week ago

All theme templates share the same basic settings for the events page section.

In addition to the basic settings, each theme template has its own theme specific settings. For the Pecan theme template, you have the following unique features:

  • Dark background option

  • Vertical grid layout option

  • Page section description

  • Adding a custom button

  • Hiding event post descriptions

Background & Layout Settings

By default, the Events Page Section is displayed with a light background and a horizontal grid layout.

But with this theme template, you have the option to display the section with a dark background and/or with a vertical grid layout.

Page Section Description

Enter a description about your upcoming events

Add a Custom Button

  • Enter any text inside this button to display the button (keep it blank if you don't want to display the button)

  • Paste in the URL of the page you want people to see when the button is clicked

Hide Descriptions

Check off the box to hide the short text description for all event posts.

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