Setup Sociavore's Built-In Reservations

Learn how to set-up and use Sociavore's built-in reservation feature

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Step 1 - Click "Account Settings" from the Avatar dropdown at the top right corner of the dashboard screen.

Step 2 - Switch ON to accept online reservations

A "Reserve" Tab will be displayed on the navigation menu on the website. When clicked, a pop-up window will be displayed with the reservation form.

Step 3  - Select "Sociavore Reservations" from the dropdown options.

Step 4 - Add Pre-Booking Notes (optional)

Step 5 - Set email reminders to automatically send to guests. Enter the number of hours prior to reservation start time (optional)

Step 6 - Add a Cancellation Policy

Step 7 - Add a Late Policy

Step 8 - Assign team members to receive notifications when a reservation is booked. To add a team member, click “Team” from the right hand panel of the screen.

To manage reservation requests made from Sociavore's built-in reservation feature, click the "Reservation" tab on the left side menu.

You can also respond, confirm, and/or suggest an alternative time for reservation requests from the Guestbox

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