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Reset Cache on Web Browser
Reset Cache on Web Browser

Having issues loading your Sociavore account or some features not behaving as expected? We recommend doing a browser cache reset.

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What is a Cache and Why Does Clearing it Fix Things?

A cache is a place where your browser temporarily stores images, codes, and other files needed to load a page or website you're visiting. Without a cache, your browser will load slower because every website you visit will require re-downloading tons of files from the internet.

However, when a website is updated with new images, or an issue is fixed, or a new feature is added, the cached version of the website in you browser may be different from the version you're loading from the internet. This conflict may create a glitchy behaviour and clearing your browser's cache may be the answer to fix the issue.

If you're experiencing any issues on Sociavore, we recommend resetting your browser's cache. Below are the different step by step guides on how to reset the cache for each browser type:

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