The Location Picker sits in the top left of the screen. Like the System Date Picker it controls the context for the system.

This screenshot displays how to pick a different location to use as the systems location context.


Click on the Location Picker to open the Location Selector Window.

Then select the Location to set as the new context.

System Effects

The Location Picker will limit the data shown by filtering anything not posted to the location picked or its children. Trial Balance, General Ledger, Journal Report, and Financials will all filter data this way.

Transaction forms that are related to a location will default to the currently picked location context.

User Effects

Users can be limited by location. This is beneficial if you want to restrict specific users to only post transactions and view data to/from certain locations and their child locations.

To set a users location, navigate to Settings -> Users


Click the Global Icon for that user


Then select the location this user should see as their root location.

*Note the user will need to logout and log back in for this effect to take hold.

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