Manage and view full detail of a single bill from this page:



This tab has the full detail of the bill. Additional fields to the Add/Edit screen are

  • Status - Current status of the bill

  • Amount Due - Amount left to be paid on the bill

  • Bill number - Unique identifier for the bill


Approve -  - Click to approve the bill. This does the following:

  • Set the bill to status 'approved'

  • Posts bill's associated journal entries\

Edit -  Update bill's fields

Void -  - Void bill. This does the following:

  • Sets the bill to status 'voided'

  • Posts a journal entry reversing the issued entry.

Delete -  Delete this bill

Create Template Bill - Open up a new bill modal with the details of the current bill


This view shows all payments made related to this bill:

  • Void a payment against the Bill

  • Print a check made to pay the bill


This view shows all of the journal entries related to this bill:

Audit Log

This view shows all actions related to the bill:

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