The Cognitive Training Tool.

Soma NPT is a mobile cognitive training tool that contains over 70 cognitive tasks that can be interacted with via touch, voice, or heart rate. Soma NPT links to the neural engine, Soma Analytics which provides 14 detailed cognitive and physiological measures drawn from the sessions completed on the Soma NPT app.

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Soma NPT's detailed cognitive and physiological measures allow you to paint a complete picture of how an athlete is performing and seamlessly integrate cognitive training into any training environment. Coaches have the ability to layer cognitive tasks with specialized training modes via Soma Analytics and customise other parameters to ensure the cognitive load is optimal for their athletes.

Soma NPT's large and diverse portfolio of tasks keeps things fresh in cognitive training. Without having a large selection of tasks it is like running the same route every day, day in and day out. Simply running faster or wearing a weight vest may alter the load on the body but it still gets really boring. Cognitive tasks challenge the brain but in order to keep the athlete engaged and interested in the training, there needs to be a variety of cognitive tasks and variations in the demands they place on the brain. Much like finding a new and challenging running route, the brain and the athlete enjoy varied challenges. Variation assists with overall compliance on a program, which in turn, helps to maintain consistent improvements. Cognitive training can be made fun and rewarding if the battery of tasks creates the right psychological states – such as being interesting, effortful, novel, and adaptable.

Frequency, Loading, and Training Location

Large equipment can look impressive and draw a crowd on social media, but is there enough cognitive workload being applied to the athlete? If you have a team of 20-30 athletes and just 1 big piece of equipment, logistics mean that each person must wait their turn and perform a very short session before moving on to the next activity. Is the cognitive workload sufficient? Probably not. Athletes need a sufficient dose (i.e., frequency x duration) of cognitive training for longer than just a few minutes in order to benefit from it. How often can athletes come to the facility to use a big solitary device there? In order for cognitive training to really be cognitive training, there must be enough training frequency in order to achieve the cognitive workload required to challenge the individual and change their cognitive abilities.

By adopting a mobile-based training strategy, you could have a number of iPads or iPhones and your athletes could log in to their devices and perform their training without having to wait. They could also train with their own device at home while travelling, and even on holiday or during the offseason. No excuses. No waiting. Sufficient cognitive workload can be applied to an athlete's cognitive training plan and their performance can be monitored no matter where they are.


Soma NPT makes periodisation effortless. If you are training alone, all that you need to do is adapt the time and/or intensity for each session and ensure you are either progressively overloading or undulating the cognitive training plan. If you are working with a coach, team or club, they will send a periodized cognitive training plan direct to your Soma ID via Soma Analytics and apply specialised training modes specific to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions.

Screen Size. Is it Relevant?

A huge misconception is screen size: bigger is NOT better. While a large screen looks nice in a training facility, the size of the screen does not determine the impact of a cognitive task. A cognitive task is designed to impose a cognitive workload and it must consume limited cognitive resources in order to do this if the athlete is to benefit from the training. This beneficial effect does not come from the size of the screen; it is nonsense to believe that a bigger screen imposes a greater cognitive workload than a smaller screen. The purpose of cognitive training is to process information and respond to information as fast as possible. The size of the screen an individual performs on is irrelevant. These days, clubs and universities can save money by simply purchasing a few iPads or iPhones and using mobile technology instead.

Will a large screen improve an athlete's peripheral reaction times?

Research has shown that engaging in central vision reaction training transfers to peripheral vision and vice versa. Therefore a large screen is not necessary in order to improve peripheral reactions.

Research: Practice effects on reaction time for peripheral and central visual fields

The present study examined whether EMG-RT (RT) for a keypress to stimulus in peripheral and central visual fields decreases with practice. 16 male students were divided into two groups, one practicing using peripheral vision, the other practicing using central vision. Before and after practice, RT was measured for peripheral and central visual fields. Each group practiced three blocks of 25 trials five days a week for three weeks. RT for peripheral and central visual fields decreased with practice. Practice effects on RT for the peripheral visual field extended to RT for the central visual field, and vice versa. It is suggested that the transfer may reflect the decrease in the central nervous system's processing time in common between two RT tasks.

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Research: Retention of practice effects on simple reaction time for peripheral and central visual fields

Previous researchers reported that EMG Reaction Time (RT) for a keypress in peripheral and central visual fields decreases with practice. The practice effects on the RT for peripheral visual field transferred to the RT for the central visual field, and vice versa. The present study investigated whether practice effects on the RT for peripheral and central visual fields and the corresponding transfer effects lasted 3 wk. or not. 16 male subjects were divided into two groups, one practicing using peripheral vision, the other practicing using central vision. Each group practiced RT tasks for 3 wk. 3 wk. after practice terminated, the practice effects and the transfer effects were maintained as a significant decrease in RT was found over the 3-wk. retention interval, suggesting that once the neural correlates of responding quickly are improved, the improved performances are remarkably stable for at least 3 wk.

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Does Soma NPT run on iPad & iPhones?


What is the minimum iOS version?


What is a Soma ID?
A SOMA ID is a 6 digit code that gives access to Soma NPT.

This means that athletes can log in to Soma NPT from different devices. They can use their own device for remote training (if required) or they can sign in to a device at your training facility. As long as they are logged in with their own SOMA ID, their data will link to Soma Analytics.

Can I purchase Soma ID access for my athletes?

Yes, you can purchase Soma IDs via Soma Analytics and your athlete only needs to enter their 6-digit ID to enter Soma NPT.

Can my athlete purchase their own Soma ID?

Yes, if you would prefer this method your athlete can purchase their own Soma ID via the App Store and give you their Soma ID code to monitor and create their cognitive training, otherwise, you can purchase Soma ID access for them via Soma Analytics.

What do I need to get started as a coach, club or team?

  • Soma Analytics

  • iPads or iPhones

Athletes can use their own device for remote training or they can sign in to a device at your training facility with their Soma ID.

What do I need to get started as an athlete?

Athletes only require Soma NPT.

Login with your Soma ID your coach, club or team has provided, or subscribe via iTunes

Do you offer a free trial?
​We do not offer free trials for any of the Soma Technologies.

Do you offer phone support?

Soma Technologies offers 24/7 support via our chat system, which is always one click away. You’ll always have a knowledgeable team member on the other end.

Keeping support solely online allows us to better help your inquiry in a speedy and more efficient manner, as our team is able to focus all of their energy on your inquiry with the fewest number of distractions and interruptions possible.

This in turn means that your inquiry is ultimately resolved faster. We believe it wouldn’t be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone.

Here are a few additional reasons why:

  • A chat allows us to immediately pull information for your inquiry quickly from our online resources.

  • We’re able to automatically gather technical information for research and troubleshooting purposes and link you directly to our online Help Center.

  • All support chats and conversations are stored for access at all times. This allows anyone on our team to easily pick up where another left off, therefore never having to ask you questions twice.

How will I know how to use it?

Soma NPT is a big system and we have meticulously designed support systems and a learning centre to align with the technology so that you can learn everything from, how to adjust the intensity of a task, to how to build periodized cognitive training programs for professional athletes. We are the experts on cognitive training and hold nothing back when it comes to delivering all the information you need to be successful with your cognitive training.

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Soma NPT

Soma NPT costs 49 Swiss francs per month per athlete.

Coaches can either purchase Soma ID access for their athletes via Soma Analytics, or the athlete can purchase access via the App Store and give the coach their 6 digit Soma ID to link to their coach's analytics.

Soma Analytics

Soma Analytics costs 299 Swiss francs per month for monitoring an unlimited number of athletes.

All subscriptions are month by month and can be cancelled at any time. Clubs and teams who wish to purchase the technology for use with large numbers of athletes can contact us for quotes and invoicing for yearly subscriptions.

As our system does not involve you purchasing and setting up hardware from us (such as lights or screens) the whole system is very portable and user-friendly. You can begin immediately, train anywhere and you can monitor your athlete's cognitive training plans even when you are not with them.

Educational Videos πŸ“Ή

Soma Technologies Educational Videos

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