What does VPF stand for?

Visual Percentile Feedback Mode

What is VPF mode?

VPF mode is designed to optimize response time by giving athletes real-time percentile changes in response speed. VPF mode will display the athlete's percentage of change compared to the previous correct response.


350ms correct

380ms correct +8.5%

280ms incorrect +8.5%

450ms correct +18.4%

500ms correct +11.1%

320ms correct -36%

350ms correct +9.3%

400ms correct +14.2%

376ms correct -6%

350ms incorrect -6%

320ms correct -14.8%

When to use Visual Percentile Feedback mode

Apply Visual Percentile Feedback mode to give your athletes real-time feedback for correct responses relative to previous correct responses. This specific mode should increase your athlete's focus to improve the consistency of their responses and will not impact their physical training session that day. The athlete needs to aim to respond within plus/minus 10% of the previous correct response. By giving athletes live relative performance feedback on every correct response, they will also learn how variable their reaction time can be.

When you first start applying this mode, we suggest starting with lower-intensity tasks so the athlete has time to reset themselves for the next stimulus.

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