What is TSM mode?

TSM mode is designed to give the athlete a secondary high cognitive load task to respond to. Task-switching mode trains an athlete to process different stimuli.

When to use Task Switching Mode

When you want to assess the attentional effects of high cognitive load and increase the athlete's ability to rapidly and efficiently adapt to different stimuli.

What does TSM on the tooltip mean?

If you have applied TSM mode to a task you will be able to see an athlete's Reaction Time (RT) and TSM Reaction time (TSM) on the tooltip. The larger the gap between the task Reaction Time and TSM Reaction Time will indicate that more attentional resources were being consumed.

What benefits does TSM mode have for my athletes?

The ability to switch tasks is thought to require extensive high-level cognitive processing, ranging from instantiating abstract representations to preparing task-specific processes and monitoring response selection and execution. Applying TSM mode will improve an athlete's ability to switch attentional focus rapidly and efficiently and handle higher levels of cognitive stress.

TSM Instructions

Perform the primary cognitive task as normal and when the TSM stimuli appears respond as quickly and as accurately as possible.

  • Tap the left button for white numbers 0-5 and red odd numbers when they appear in the top right corner.

  • Tap the right button for white numbers 6-10 and red even numbers when they appear in the top right corner.

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