Creating A Customized Training Plan

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating A Customized Training Plan

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Learn how to create a comprehensive and effective training plan using our step-by-step guide. From selecting the plan builder to assigning users, we cover all the essential steps.

Training is essential for athletes to improve their performance and achieve their goals. However, creating a training plan can be overwhelming, especially for beginners. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to create a comprehensive and effective training plan.

Step One: Let's Get Started

The first step in creating your training plan is selecting the plan builder from the main menu.

Step Two: Name Your Training Plan

Once you have accessed the plan builder, the next step is to name your training plan so that it can be easily found in the future. You can save your plan as an individual plan or load a template plan. Additionally, you can create tags to search for active or inactive plans.

Step Three: Naming Your First Session

Now that you have named your training plan, it's time to name your first session. We suggest naming the first session "Baseline" and giving each session an appropriate name.

Next, enter the number of times the athlete will repeat each training session and select the rating of perception of effort (RPE), rating of mental fatigue (RMF), or rating of mental effort scale (RME) that will be given to the user to complete after each cognitive task.

If you want the baseline data to be automatically calculated for the user's device, make sure to enable auto baseline. Additionally, if you want to monitor your athlete's cognitive and physiological measures over the duration of a cognitive task, enable MoM mode.

Step Four: Creating the Cognitive Training Session

The next step is to create the cognitive training session. Decide where you will place the Cognitive Task (Pre, In, or Post Session), add a drill, select the mode, intensity, and duration.

Click the + button to add another session and repeat.

Step Five: Assigning Users and Publishing Your Plan

Finally, assign the users and select the time and date you would like this plan to be published. By default, it will be set to the current time and date. This step is important to ensure that your athletes can access the plan and follow the schedule accordingly.

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