When performing in sport any error can cost us dearly. If the ball is stolen or if there is a handover, you will need to play catch up and exert yourself physically to regain possession. In other sports, a miscalculation could result in you needing to push harder in order to get a competitive edge over your opponent. These factors are the very thing that really separates sports from just training. Mistakes matter; recovering from them quickly is the only way to remain competitive.

Mentality is one thing but keeping your cool under pressure, accepting the error and mentally regrouping, refocusing, controlling emotions and physically pushing harder are all hard skills to master. These skills need to be executed immediately and simultaneously after an error.

We can replicate this cognitive stress with a specialised training mode within Soma NPT. For every mistake an athlete makes while performing their cognitive training, they will need to perform a short sprint. Every mistake will increase the duration of that sprint by 5 seconds to a maximum duration of 20 seconds, forcing the athlete to focus harder to avoid having a consequence for their error just like in sport. This specific mode is great for building resilience and mental toughness.

Soma Analytics allows coaches to monitor how many consequence sprints an athlete had to perform over the duration of the cognitive task as well as other cognitive and physiological measures to ensure the cognitive loads are optimal for the current mesocycle.

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What is Physical Consequence Mode (PCM)?

Physical Consequence Mode is designed to increase mental toughness by getting the athlete to physically exert themselves from heart rate zone 2 to heart rate zone 4 every time they make an error.

When to use Physical Consequence Mode

When you want to focus on increasing mental toughness.

What happens when the athlete makes multiple mistakes?

Every mistake will increase the duration by 5 seconds to a maximum duration of 20 seconds.

Physical Consequence Mode is one of our Specialised Modes that can be applied to various tasks in Soma NPT. These modes enhance tasks by giving various new challenges as a layer on top of the task inside the application.

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The role and creation of pressure in training: Perspectives of athletes and sport psychologists

Lay summary: Pressure in training can help athletes adjust to pressure in competition, and this study found that practitioners can create pressure by applying psychological demands and consequences that have an extended impact on athletes. Athletes can then practice coping skills and learn that pressure does not have to hurt performance.

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