There are tons of music genres and everyone has a different taste. Since everyone’s preference is so different, we cannot provide standard audio settings along with the breathing settings. Therefore, we’ve integrated playlists with music and sounds that, based on research, are relaxing and soothing to your ears and mind. The music we provide, designed together with our partner Manglemoose, contains meditation music, ambient sounds and cognitive shuffling.

Audio Settings

To setup your own audio setting you choose the audio option within the app. Select the preferred playlist by the selection button. To see details or adjust the playlist, click on the playlist itself. You can also set the duration of how long you want the music to play.

Creating your own playlist

Adding and creating your own playlist is currently in a test phase. That is why we do not recommend you using it yet. Soon you can also create your own playlist, using the sounds that suit you best.

Enabling and disabling audio

Want to turn the audio off? You can easily enable or disable audio in the app. It’s very simple: just tap the switch in the upper-left corner. When disabling the audio, your Sleep Robot will not play any sound during the breathing programme.

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