Breathing regulation

Breathing regulation has been used for centuries as a way to relax. A slow breathing rhythm reduces stress and has a calming effect on the body and mind. This contributes to a better night’s rest. Breathing regulation is therefore one of the most important features of the Somnox Sleep Robot. The sleep robot simulates a breathing rhythm suitable for falling asleep. When you hold the sleep robot against you, you subconsciously adjust your breathing rhythm to that of the robot. Because the breathing rhythm of the sleep robot, and therefore yours too, gradually slows down, the body relaxes and your brain receives a signal that it is time to go to sleep.

Soothing sounds

Some people like silence in the bedroom, but in many cases certain sounds can contribute to a good night’s rest. Soothing sounds or slow music reduce stress and ensure relaxation. This helps you fall asleep faster. The Somnox Sleep Robot is therefore equipped with a number of relaxing sounds, including the sound of a heartbeat and white noise, but also various lullabies and meditation music. For this, a team of audio engineers investigated which sounds are the most effective. In addition to the preset relaxation sounds, it is possible to upload your own sounds. Your favorite music for example. As soon as you sleep, the volume automatically and gradually decreases.

Affection and comfort

The shape of the Somnox Sleep Robot is designed so that you can place it against your chest in a natural position and wrap your arms around it. This “cuddling” attitude has a calming effect and contributes to a safe and relaxed feeling. The soft material also provides extra comfort. Fun fact: the cover of the Somnox Sleep Robot is made of the same durable material as the cover of an Auping mattress.

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