Fall asleep faster

A slow breathing rhythm reduces stress and brings the body into a state of relaxation. Feeling an external breathing rhythm unconsciously influences your own breathing rate. The Somnox Sleep Robot makes use of this in a innovative way. The sleep robot simulates a breathing rhythm that is suitable for falling asleep. When you hold the sleep robot, your breathing rhythm synchronizes automatically to that of the sleep robot. The sleep robot helps you to achieve a meditative state of mind, so that you dream away faster.

Sleep longer

By synchronizing your breathing rhythm with that of the sleep robot, you will achieve a stable and slower breathing rhythm. This deep breathing rhythm is one of the best ways to reduce stress in the body because it sends a message to your brain with the signal to relax your body. This results in a good and long night’s rest.

Wake up refreshed

A good night’s sleep ensures that you wake up refreshed and that you can start the day full of energy. With the Somnox Sleep Robot you not only sleep longer, but you sleep better as well thanks to the deep breathing techniques. And you will notice that every morning.

Set up your personal preferences

Everyone is unique and has their own preferences when it comes to sleep. The Somnox Sleep Robot also comes with a handy app for Android and iOS. This app you can use to set up your personal preferences. In this way the sleep robot helps you to relax in a way that suits you best. You can choose from different breathing rhythms and sounds, but it is also possible to upload your own audio files. For example your own heartbeat rhythm or your favorite music, but also audiobooks and podcasts. Once your settings are saved, you can activate the sleep robot with just one push on the button.

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