Adding & removing seats
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This feature requires Business user administrator access. To learn more about upgrading to Business, click here.

Seats are the total possible user accounts you have access to under your current subscription plan. Different than users, which are your organization's active Songspace accounts, seats are how many possible users you could have under your current plan. You are billed for your subscription based on how many seats you have access to.

To add or remove seats to your subscription, click the Manage Seats button.

Select or remove your desired amount of seats.

You’ll see your current subscription amount, the prorated total you’ll be billed for the upgrade, as well as the adjusted recurring amount of your subscription when your billing cycle renews.

Click Update Seats, and your subscription will be upgraded to reflect the changes.

Note: You currently cannot remove seats from an annual subscription. If you think you made a mistake, or if you have any questions about making changes to your annual subscription, please contact us at

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