Songspace officially supports the following web browsers running Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux. Your browser version must be a stable release and not an alpha, beta, or pre-release version.

Browser Versions

  • Google Chrome: Latest two versions (Chrome 95 & 96)

  • Firefox: Latest two versions (Firefox 94 & 95)

  • Safari: Latest two versions (Safari 13 & 14)

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer: Latest version only (IE 11)
    Note: Microsoft Edge is not officially supported yet

Browser Configuration

  • JavaScript must be enabled

  • Cookies must be enabled

  • localStorage must be enabled

  • Adobe Flash Player must be installed for Safari users (you can read more about that here)


  • iOS: iOS 11 and higher

  • Android: Android 4.1 and higher

Note: the Songspace web application is not viewable on mobile browsers. You will need to install the iOS or Android application if you wish to log into and manage your account from your mobile device.

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