Songspace utilizes many cloud providers to optimize your download and upload experience for songs, recordings, and files.

However, if you feel like your download or upload speed is slower than it should be, Songspace recommends that you check the following:

  1. Shared connection: If you are sharing an internet connection at your home or business with one or more people, each user has to share the total bandwidth. If other users are utilizing the connection at the same time as you, your download speed can be affected. Check to make sure that no other users on the network are downloading or uploading large files or streaming HD video.

  2. Software firewall: Software firewalls can affect the total speed of the download. Try temporarily turning the software firewall off and see if your download speed improves.

  3. Browser issues: If you are experiencing slow downloads on one specific browser, we suggest trying an alternative browser. For example, if you use Safari, try using Google Chrome or Firefox and see if your download speed improves. If you are using an out of date browser it is suggested that you update your browser to the latest version.

  4. Business restrictions: Some businesses will limit how fast each user can upload or download files. Check with your IT team and ask if the bandwidth is limited per employee.

  5. Device issues: If the upload or download speed is slow on a computer and you have another available computer, use the other computer to ensure that one is not faster than the other.

  6. Wired vs Wireless: Wired connections are generally more stable. If you are uploading or downloading on Wi-Fi with a weak signal, your speeds will suffer. Try uploading or downloading with a wired connection if possible.

  7. Internet Service Provider: Sometimes your ISP will be the cause of slow uploads or downloads. With Cable internet the download speed is often much faster than your upload speed. Please check your contract to see the expected download and upload speeds. Keep in mind that most ISPs will advertise in MB and there is a difference between MB/s and Mb/s.

Still Slow?

If you have tried all of the above (where applicable) and still feel like you are not achieving expected speeds, please do the following:

  1. Visit and start the speed test.

  2. Once the upload and download test has completed, please contact Songspace Support and send one of the following:

    A) A screenshot of the finished test
    B) The share link for the test. You can get this link by clicking 'Share This Result' and then clicking the copy button. The link will then be on your clipboard which you can then paste into an email.

Once we have received your request, we will investigate on our end to see if there is anything we can do to improve your upload or download performance.

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