There are a few different ways to connect with someone on Songspace. You can connect with an existing user in your Network or find someone's profile and send them a connection request.

Connect with an existing user in your Network

1. Find the user in your Network that you wish to connect with and hover over their contact card.

2. If the user is a Songspace user, click the Connect button.

Make sure the email is correct and click the Invite To Connect button.

If the user is not a Songspace user, click the Invite To Songspace button.

Click the Invite to Connect button and the user will receive an invite. Once the user signs up, you will be connected.

Connect with a user via their profile

1. Go to your Network and click the Find people tab.

2. Type in the name of the user in the Search field. You can also search by location.

3. Hover over the matching result and click View Profile.

4. Click the Connect button on their profile page.

5. Enter the user's email address and click Invite to Connect and the user will receive your invitation.

Pending sent requests

Once the connections have been sent, you will see the Request Sent status on their contact card and profile page.

Confirmed connections

Once connections have been confirmed, you will see the connected contact in the Connections section of your Network.

Connected contacts have the connected icon on their contact card.

To learn more about the benefits of connecting with someone on Songspace, click here.

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