Templates help you put your planning together even faster by predefining events. Very often you will repeat a standardised shift on a daily or weekly basis but with different people on your team working them. This is a great situation to make a standard template so you can have all the information in there that is relevant but you will only need to enter the details that are variable.

First, you need to Create a board.

Go to your board and hit the settings button in the top right corner.

In the Board Settings, you go to Templates and hit Create Template

Make the template by filling out all details of the event that need to reoccur every time. You can define:

  • Name of the event (mandatory)

  • Time

  • Description

  • Location / Sub-location

  • Role (can be multiple)

  • People assigned to roles

Once created you will now see the templates automatically show up when you create a new event

All details you specified in the template will now be applied to your event and you can fill out the blanks, such as the people you assign to them.

Next step

To schedule even faster, check out how to use Week Templates.

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