Why Soundcharts have multiple profiles for the same artist? 

Soundcharts gathers data across multiple sources that sometimes send us different names and identifiers for the same artist. Most of the time, we will automatically link the artist data to the right profile — even if the incoming identifier does not match the one in our database. However, it can happen that our system doesn't find a match and creates another profile to host the incoming data.

How can I fix that? 

Don't worry, it's easy. Just let us know and we will merge the artist pages 😎

Can I add or update the artist picture?

Depending on what was the first digital identifier linked to the artist page, we use the picture from the artist's Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer profile. We can update it to the most recent one if the profile picture has changed — but we can't add personalized pictures yet. 

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