May 22 / 2017 - Add custom icon to custom links

This feature will allow you to show your own custom icon instead of the placeholder icon. It will appear when adding a custom link. 

April 10 / 2017 - New Product Picker for tagging products

We add built-in Shopify product picker. 

April 6 / 2017 - Gallery Presets Wizard

If you want to quickly revamp your Gallery Layout, use our new Gallery Presets wizard that will guide you to your new design in a straightforward, 2-step process!

You will also be presented with this wizard whenever you add a new Gallery.

April 5 / 2017 - Direct Buy

You can now allow visitors to directly Add to Cart from your Gallery, cutting out the Product Page redirect completely.

After clicking Buy Now, they will be presented with all the product variants and a final Add to Cart button. Clicking on it will open a subtle Cart icon which they can use to go to Checkout whenever suits them.

To activate this feature, simply Allow the Direct Buy function in your Gallery Embed > Popup Settings.

March 6 / 2017 - Custom Links

Now you can tag anything, not just products. Just type a link in "Tag products" box and new box will popup and ask you for a Link Title.

Open a Link instead of Popup 

New option in Embed settings allows you to open 1st link on the item, instead of opening a popup. You can enable it under:

 Embed Settings - Calls To Action 

Feb 9 / 2017 - Slideshow Autoplay

  • Slideshows can now Autoplay, you can define speed between transitions.
  • You can hide Social share buttons in the popup (it's under Embed - Other section in options)

Jan 24 / 2017 - Search Instagram

You can now manually search any hashtag, username or simply copy/paste Instagram link. Select one or multiple photos and add those photos to your gallery.

Jan 20 / 2017 - Bulk actions

We've added Bulk Actions functionality. Select multiple items in the gallery and Approve, Hide or Remove post from gallery.

Nov 29 / 2016 - Added support for Instagram videos

Oct 14 / 2016 - Add option for custom CSS

Sep 12 / 2016 - New Gallery Embed Style - COLLAGE

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