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Selecting the manual button mode is useful if you want to design the button yourself and choose where it displays in your product.liquid template. Some knowledge of coding is required should you wish to do this. We do offer a supported customisation upon initial setup which is detailed below.

Instructions for manual

  1. Go to Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit HTML/CSS > product.liquid or product-template.liquid
  2. Find a section in that file where you would like to add the Price Beater button. Simply copy & paste the following code: <a id="pricebeater" href="#">Price Beat</a> and click Save
  3. Open the Price Beater app and click Settings.
  4. Now you only have to enter #pricebeater in the 'Button CSS selector' box.

Supported manual customisation

We can build the "Price Beater" button to match your add to cart button. The button will match the background and text color of your add to cart function and we can position it where you want it.

Please Contact Us if you require any assistance setting up this feature, specifying the position on the product page you would like it to appear. 

Our support team are happy to help! Contact us!

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