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I don't see my button on my store!

Don't fret - There are some simple steps to troubleshoot this:

  1. Check that your account is active. Click Settings and ensure Yes is selected next to Active. Click Save when done.
  2. Contact us if that is not your issue.

How do I customize my button?

You can check out our guide on customizing your button by Clicking Here or you can Contact us and we can get your button set up for you. 

I'm not getting email notifications of offers.

First, ensure your Notification Email is correct in the app settings and if that's not the issue, Contact us but it might be a security issue with your email host. 

Do you have a partner or affiliate program?

Yes! You can read more about it and contact us regarding it by checking out this page

When is support available?

We try and answer all support requests within a day but sometimes weekend support can take longer. 


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