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When a customer fills in a price request form you will be notified instantly by email (notification email used in Price Beater settings).

The best way to accept an offer after reviewing the details is to create a Shopify discount code unique to that product. Our app will even tell you the amount needed.

Send an automatic discount to your customer

Note: We have a detailed guide on discount codes - Click Here

  1. Generate a unique discount code
  2. Use conditions to make the code unique to the requested product
  3. Save the code & insert in the app admin
  4. Click ‘Send Discounted Item’
  5. An email will be populated with a link to your discounted product.
  6. Send and complete

Your customer simply needs to click add to cart and they will see the discount applied. 

For official Shopify documentation on discount codes please consult this article.

When clicking on 'SEND DISCOUNTED ITEM,' a template of the information your customer needs to purchase the item will already be populated. You can add / remove from this as you wish.



When your customer fills in the price guarantee form, you will also be provided with their phone number. This can be used to contact the customer as well.


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