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If you receive an offer from a customer and want to send them a discount code quickly, this guide will show you how.

When you get an an offer in Price Beater, and click on it, you can of course accept that offer and add a Shopify discount code to give the customer the price.

1. Open your offer and click the Create a coupon code link under the Discount Code field. 

2. Click Create Discount in the top right corner

3. Enter the appropriate info.
   Click Generate Code to generate a random discount code.
   Change Discount Type to Fixed Amount
   Enter the proper discount
Select Selected products and specify the product
   Click Save discount

4. Copy and paste the discount code into the Price Beater app and click Send Discounted Item to alert the customer of the discount code

The discount will automatically apply for the customer at checkout if they use the provided link.

Read more about Shopify Discount Codes in Shopify's Help Center.


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