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When making a discount code for your customers, make sure you set your discount code settings up correctly to avoid misuse of the code.

1. Discount Type - Selecting Fixed amount will give you the option to use a dollar amount instead of a percentage.

2. Applies to - Using the Selected products will ensure that the discount code isn't used on other products. You'll be given the option to search for a product when you select this option. 

3. Usage limits - Selecting either of the options in this section is advised so that you can limit how many times a code is used and by whom. 

4. Generate code - Using this button will create a unique discount code that will add security to your coupon so that others can't guess it and use it. 

5. Active dates - This will be automatically set to have no end date. Click Set End Date if you want to give the customer a time frame. 


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