Discounts are a great way to reduce overall costs for individual Guests at checkout without adjusting your hourly rate. Discounts are easily managed from the Host dashboard. Discounts come in two formats:

  1. $/hr Discount applied to the hourly rate of the Space
  2. % Discount applied across the entire booking (including any addition items and charges)

To create and manage the discount codes, click on 'Discount Codes' under Quick Links in your Host dashboard. 

From here, choose either the 'Total Value' or 'Hourly Rate' option. 

For 'Total Value' you can choose anywhere from 5% to 90% in increments of 5%, 

For 'Hourly Rate', you can input any hourly value. If the hourly discount is greater than the hourly rate of the space, the booking will automatically reduce to just $1 per hour at checkout when the Guest applies the code. 

Fill in the rest of the details including the unique name of the discount code (for example, YOGA), the discount amount, and the Space/s it applies to. 

You can manage the discount codes at anytime by editing or deleting them. 

Once you have created your code, simply share this with your Guest. Codes can be used in a number of ways including:

  • Promotional purposes (e.g. Get 20% off during the month of December by using the code CHRISTMAS at checkout)
  • Community discount (e.g. Get $25/hr off your booking by using the code COMMUNITY at checkout)
  • To encourage someone over the line who may have enquired about booking your space (e.g. If you do decide to book, please enter the code BOOKNOW at checkout to receive a complimentary 5% off your entire booking at checkout). 

Booking codes are unique to your Space/s only and are visible in booking notification emails and within the dashboard, so you always remaining in full control. 

Additional information:

  • Guests can only enter one code at checkout
  • Codes are invisible to the Guest unless you share them. 
  • The best way to share codes is to send them as a SpacetoCo message, or in some cases, promote them in your space description You could also share your code on social media
  • You can't apply more than one code at checkout

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