Mapping the inputs and outputs on your Excel file are a pre-requisite for creating an API. This process doesn't take too long. Just follow along!

Find the Name Manager

  • Open your Excel file

  • Go to the Formulas tab

  • Click on "Define Name" (on a Mac) / "Name Manager" (on a Windows)

  • You will see a dialog box open

To name your API request parameters, select the value cell for your input to name them. There are two ways of mapping your inputs.

Standard Mapping

Syntax: Xinput_[parameter] and Xoutput_[parameter]

  • We used the Name Box in Excel to identify 'a' and 'b' as inputs. The name must be prefixed with Xinput_. In this example, we are using individual cells and range inputs for Spark.

  • Note that the ranged value must have a header row that is completed. It is strongly advised that heading titles begin with with an alphabetic character.

  • Similarly, for outputs, identify your outputs and prefix the name with Xoutput_.

Video Tutorial

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