What is it?

With SparkLite, we are aiming to meet the needs of no-code citizen developers, by allowing them to easily utilize the logic they have developed in spreadsheets to power their apps. It is a solution built to meet the needs of an individual developer, rather than an enterprise solution.

Why it matters:

With the rise of low-code/no-code (LCNC) platforms such as Retool, Bubble, Webflow, Adalo, etc., more people have greater access to custom mobile/web development than before.

However, there are still limitations to what users are able to do and the learning curves for these platforms can be quite intensive. When it comes to developing certain customized features, users often need to look into the LCNC platform’s existing library for specific functionality. If they can’t find the function they need, they would either have to code the functionality themselves or voice that the requested feature is not feasible. This would either result in lack of flexibility in the features they are able to build or potentially higher cost or longer time for development.

With SparkLite, instead of coding a feature around calculations, users can easily create an API with their Excel-based calculations and logic, where they can then integrate it with their front-end systems, significantly saving their cost and time to develop any mobile/web apps.

Who is this for?

For SparkLite, we are targeting to meet the needs of direct consumers.

Our primary target audiences include LCNC citizen developers, web development agencies and freelancers. Meanwhile, our secondary audiences include in-house developers who want to build apps quickly with internal tools, such as Retool.

Going forward, we may shift or identify new audience segments as we test and learn with real customers.

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