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Sentinel Tripod - Product Guide
Sentinel Tripod - Product Guide
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Any of our Classic or Optics adapters are compatible with the Sentinel.

To attach your rifle to the Sentinel, simply locate the spigot into the slot on the adapter. The magnet will ease this process. To remove the rifle from the tripod, firmly pull the rifle upwards from the spigot. Sometimes it can help to push the underside of the stock with your thumb.

Our Heavy Duty Optics Adapter allows you to mount spotting scopes, binoculars, cameras & other devices with standard 1/4-20 UNC or 3/8-16 UNC thread to your Sentinel system.

Tension Control

The tension control ring allows you to set the tension of the ball joint. It is mainly down to personal preference for what you find the most stable. However, heavier rifles or optics might require a higher level of tension to ensure stable and smooth control.

Depending on the weight of the rifle and the position of the adapter it might be possible to leave the rifle in position whilst you wait.


The Sentinel features a removable hook to receive weights and further increase stability for long-range shots. Users also utilise the hook to hang and gralloch small game.

Leg Height Adjustment

Loosen the leg lock with a turn to the left. Pull down or push up the lower leg until the required height is achieved and retighten.

Removable Legs

The modular design of the Sentinel allows each of the legs to be unscrewed from the body, bringing a number of benefits.

Configuring the Sentinel as a bipod is a popular option among many users as it allows them to take seated shots. Depending on what environment you find yourself in, it might also be quicker to get into a shooting position in this configuration.

The legs are designed to be used as trekking poles to improve endurance and aid balance when trekking in the backcountry. Our Trekking Pole Handles can also be fitted for improved comfort.

Every leg that we sell is compatible with the Sentinel. This provides you with the ability to configure the system for specific environments and scenarios. Tac Legs could be used to make a mini tripod.


Each Sentinel leg is fitted with a tungsten carbide tip and tethered synthetic boot. Gently pull off the synthetic boot to expose the tungsten tip.

Accessories & Spares

A full range of accessories & spare parts to help you get the most out of your Sentinel can be found on our website.

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