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How To Export Individual Media Transcripts And Reports?
How To Export Individual Media Transcripts And Reports?

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When viewing an individual file, you are able to export your media into multiple file types.

Select "Export" in the tab right of the "Sentiment" tab.

A modal will pop up that enables you to customize your export.

You can choose to export your transcripts and/or reports as:

Free File Types

  • TXT

  • SRT

Premium File Types (Enabled With Premium Export Addon)

  • Word Doc

  • PDF

  • TXT

  • SRT

  • VTT

  • CSV

  • JSON

Customization Options

Additionally, you can select if you want to include:

  • Speaker Names

  • Timestamps

  • Insight Visualizations

  • Redacted Personally-Identifiable Information (PII)

Once you are happy with your selection, hit "Export".

It may take a moment to render all the final exports.

Wait until the circle stops spinning and you will see a successful notification.

The file should start downloading through your browser immediately.

You now have your exported file!

Download Source File

If you are looking to export your audio or video file, you can select "Source File".

If you have any problems along the way please always feel encouraged to send us a message.

Bulk Export

If you are paying for access to the "Bulk Edit" functionality within Speak, you are able to download all your files at once. Please refer to the step-by-step guide.

Happy analyzing!

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