Living Expenses:

Part of the Parkbo process is identifying what your actual living expenses are. To make it easier here is a list of what we deem to be living expenses:

  • Housing

  • Utilities

  • Transportation

  • Insurance

  • Medical

  • Credit Card & Loan Minimum Payments

  • Subscriptions

  • Kids 

  • Pets

We've included an "Other" section so that you have the flexibility to include an expense that you deemed necessary. 

Missing Categories:

You may have noticed that certain common categories such as food, shopping, entertainment are missing. Part of the reason is that everyone has a different viewpoint when it comes to food. Some individuals prefer to cook all their meals, some prefer to eat out. These categories are often considered variable in nature, in that you don't spend the same exact amount of food every month. 

Your day to day expenses such as food, shopping, entertainment, etc, are to come from your allocated Spend Number.  The benefit of this system is you no longer have to track spending in 20+ different categories because the focus is simple - you have "x" amount of dollars to spend per day on whatever you want, and the only thing to focus is to not spend more than "x".

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