The Spinn App enables you to make coffee from any location, for example from your bed or on your way home from work. At the same time, the Spinn App enables you to create and select custom recipes.

Before brewing using the Spinn App, you must:

  • Make sure the machine is connected to WiFi and the machine status is online in your App.

  • Make sure the drip tray is in place.

  • Make sure an empty cup is placed that is large enough to contain the desired coffee size.

To brew remotely:

  1. Open the Spinn App

  2. Select the Maker tab

  3. Select coffee type

  4. Select Make drink

  5. The brewing starts.

Important: Switch off your coffee maker when on vacation to prevent accidental remote brewing. If an unintentional remote operation is started via the app, unplug the machine to stop it.

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